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Teens In Brooklyn NY Continuously Slap The Crap Out Of Uber Driver When He Refused To Drive Them [Video]

Brooklyn teen 1


Once again Ear Hustle 411 came across a video that is beyond disturbing.  A Brooklyn NY Uber Driver is viciously Smacked repeatedly by some teenage boys who allegedly got upset that he would not drive them to their destination.

These young African-American teens are smoking and appear to be high as they giggle and continue to hit the driver in his head.

brooklyn teen 2

Can you imagine if this driver had a gun and shot these disrespectful young clowns? All hell would have broken loose and people would have been screaming racism, marching, protesting and trying to shut down Uber.

It makes you wonder why cab drivers are afraid to pick up these young men. The stigma that is portrayed makes them afraid of these young boys and with videos like this and societies negative opinions and images can you really blame them.

Check out the video below:



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