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Teenage Girl Attacked by Several Girls While Holding A Baby [Video]

Teenage Girl Attacked by Several Girls While Holding A Baby

A baby was caught in the middle of a fight between three teenage girls at a convenient store parking lot in Florissant.The violent exchange happened at the 7-Eleven on Shackelford Road on April 24. Hassan Ghannam, 18, witnessed the altercation and recorded it. Ghannam said he stopped filming and jumped out of his car to intervene when he saw the baby.

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“Two other men across the street started running towards me, and once [the girls] saw us run towards them they ran down the street,” he said.

He posted video of the fight on Instagram, and it went viral.

Later authorities rounded up the girls. According to police, most of them attend Hazelwood Northwest Middle School and have been involved in two days of fighting.

No injuries were reported. The baby who was in the arms of a teenage aunt is fine.

“I’m happy I stepped in,” said Ghannam. “God knows what could have happened…”

Justice is now in the secret hands of juvenile court, police said.



Source: KMOV

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