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Teen Who Had A Fight With Katt Williams Speaks Out [Video]

Teen Who Had A Little Scuffle With Katt Williams Speaks Out [Video]

Yesterday, social media went crazy when a video went viral of Katt Williams punching a teen in the face.  People were posting that Katt Williams  had gotten beaten up by a little boy when in fact it wasn’t much of a fight considering there was only one punch thrown and they both rolled around on the ground before onlookers broke it up.

The kid says they were playing a game of soccer and Katt Williams took him to a secluded area and asked him to hit him and when he refused Katt sucker punched him in the face.  However, the video that is circulating shows something entirely different from what this kid is saying.


You be the Judge!!!


Click this link to check out the video from the fight





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