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Teen Invites His Mom To Prom When He Found Out She Couldn’t Afford Her Own Prom After Her Mom Died

Teen Invites His Mom To Prom When He Found Out She Couldn't Afford Her Own Prom After Her Mom Died

When Belinda was 11, her mom died of leukemia.

Her dad didn’t think he could take care of her and her siblings so two years later she moved in with her grandmother and helped raise her two younger brothers. 

She told The Huffington Post that she felt like she was on her own her whole life – until now.

Belinda says she was shocked her son asked her to the soiree instead of asking one of his peers.

‘I was flattered,’ Belinda said.

‘I asked him, “You don’t want to ask someone else? You don’t have a special friend, someone cool that you can have fun with?” I’m still elated. I’m just so happy that he wanted to share his day with me,’ said Belinda.

Danotiss said that there was no doubt in his mind about asking his mother to prom after hearing her heartbreaking story.The prom is also right before Mother’s Day so he figured this would be the perfect time to honor her.

Belinda said that she cried every day leading up to her prom because she wanted to go to so badly. Sadly she didn’t have enough money.

Teen Invites His Mom To Prom When He Found Out She Couldn't Afford Her Own Prom After Her Mom Died

‘I just felt like it was right to ask her cause she couldn’t go to her prom,’ said Danotiss.

‘She couldn’t afford it back then so I thought it would be pretty sweet to ask her,’ he added.

Danotiss said that some of his friends made fun of him for taking his mom but that most of them thought it was a kind gesture. 

Some of my friends thought it was pretty cool that I’m taking my mom. Some said it’s kind of weird,’ he said, standing by his decision.

Since Belinda is over 18 and not a student at the school, Danotiss asked his principal Jeffrey Frankowiak is he could take her.

He got permission to take his mother and the both of them are thrilled.

‘It’s definitely commendable,’ Frankowiak said.

‘I got the opportunity to sit with his family in the football stands and they are just so proud of this boy. Senior prom is a big deal to the kids and it was a heartwarming gesture motivated by positive thoughts, the principal added.

Danotiss says he plans to give his mother a white corsage on the night of the prom. Belinda has picked out a beautiful orange dress for the occasion.


Source:   Dailymail.co.uk



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