Teen Girl Wins A One Million Dollar Settlement After 30 Oakland Cops Used Her For Sex Acts

In Oakland, a teenage sex worker has won $1 million settlement in court after alleging that over 30 cops used her for sex.  According to the girl,  some of these interactions took place even when she was as young as 16 years old.  Read on below to learn more info about the case.

Teen sex worker… A teenage sex worker at the center of an Oakland cop sex scandal has won nearly $1 million from the city, the Daily Mail reports. Jasmin Abuslin, now 19, alleges she slept with over two dozen police officers over several years— even as young as 16 years old.

According to reports, Abusli — who goes by the name Celeste Guap — claims that some of the police officers paid her after their interactions. The story surfaced last year, in 2016, when Abuslin began revealing her allegations to the public, the Daily Mail reports.

To date, the allegations have been linked to the suicide of one police officer: Brendan O’Brien. The scandal has also prompted the firing of a number of policemen from different law enforcement agencies across Oakland, the Daily Mail reports.

On Wednesday, May 31, Abuslin won $989,000 by a court in the Californian city. While this is merely a fraction of the $66 million she had originally asked for, it’s still, well, a lot of money.

Afterwards, Oakland Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan said: “It is time to pay the settlement agreement to let this young woman get on with her life and her healing, but also for Oakland to step up and change the culture in the police department and change how we recruit and train our officers.”

In 2015, Abuslin identified herself after the suicide of one of the officers involved. At the time, she claimed to have had sex with dozens of cops across the city. What’s more, she alleged that some even encouraged her to keep working as a sex worker.

According to Abuslin, one officer even tried to act as her pimp. He rented out a hotel room and told her what to wear to find clients, according to the Daily Mail. Shall we repeat: This was a cop instructing Abuslin, not just your average Joe.

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