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Teen Brawl In Georgia Leaves 1 Dead And 9 Arrested On Aggravated Assault And Murder Charges

On March 18, 2016, a most disturbing yet not uncommon incident occurred and this time it was in Hephzibah, GA, a small community that’s a little ways south of Augusta, GA.  EarHustle411 has posted many stories about issues taking place in urban neighborhoods but this one has as well as other has got to open the eyes of people that the need for teaching conflict resolution is a must for our young people and judging from the list of people arrested adults could benefit from it as well.


On the day in question, a mob of people showed up at the home of Eyvette Byrd for the purposes of confronting and fighting her 15-year old daughter. (See video Below) She can be seen on the video coaching her daughter in the fight.

While a fight did in fact ensue and as disturbing it is to continuously write about it, something has to be done.  In the process of the fight a young man named Demajhay Bell whom the police are convinced had not participated in the fight because due to reports they received 18-year old Bell was inside for most of the duration of the brawl.

He was stabbed in the neck by 21-year old Demetrius Harris when he stepped outside and that’s when the details of what happened get bizarre.


After Bell was stabbed, Eyvette Byrd supposedly attempted to drive him to the hospital but was distracted in her efforts because another fight broke out taking her attention on saving the young man’s life thus causing him to attempt to drive himself to the hospital because Byrd got out of the car.

Unfortunately the young man lost his life as a direct result of the events that took place on March 18th prompting the Richmond County Police to arrest and file charges on 9 people all who are considered to be adults and a warrant for a 10th person that is still at large.

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Although we are certain this is not going to be the last time a brawl over some insignificant reason is going to happen however we hope that with the police attempting to holding all those accountable for their actions and involvement leading up to results like this sends a clear message that there are clearly other ways to handle things.

Unfortunately another young person lost their life over the stupidity of others and social media played a huge part in this as well because videotaped “fist licks” results in multiple “clicks”

Source: Richmond County PD (Photos) YouTube (Video)

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