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Teen Actor & Musician Surgically Changes Eye Color In Hopes Of Getting Major Deal

Actor & Musician Surgically Changes Eye Color In Hopes Of Getting Major Deal

It now seems that temporary eye contacts are a thing of the past. With many celebs changing their eye color, a young California teen by the name of Khalil Underwood has taken it upon himself to change his eye color as well, in hopes of getting more recognition for his music.

This young musician and internet sensation is best known for his YouTube channel, YaBoyKhalilTV and says that he wants to change his eye color for the purpose of getting more recognition and hopefully, one day receiving a record deal.

This sensation first started with Tiny Harris, the wife of rapper T.I.

Since first opening up via social media about Brightocular, the internet has been buzzing about whether or not the procedure is safe enough to actually go through with. Many thinking that she will eventually regret it, Mrs. Harris has seemed to be enjoying her new eyes.

To silence skeptics, Tiny reached out to PEOPLE to let them know exactly how she felt about her new look:

“I had been wearing colored contacts for a couple of years and they were making my vision blurry,” said Tiny tells PEOPLE. “A friend of mine mentioned that she had heard of a procedure where you could permanently change your eye color and we looked into it. We researched it for a bit but I was nervous because … it’s your eyes! But two years later it came up again. I spoke to the doctors and to patients who’d had it. I learned that there was no downtime, that it only took about 15 minutes — plus it’s reversible. When I found out that you could reverse it, I was sold.”

So, what are your thoughts on this $10,000 procedure? Think it’s worth it? Or worthless?

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