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Tech Alert: Android Wear Watch Now Compitable With The iPhone

Alright now tech geniuses!! This may be good news for iPhone users who are not willing to but the sleek but pricey Apple Watch.  Android Wear is now computable with the IOS for the iPhone.  Although its compatibility is a step in the right direction keep in mind the watch will not be able to perform all functions with the Apple device.

Read more as reported by The Next Web:

The rumors have finally come to fruition: Android Wear is now compatible with iOS.

Most of the features you’€™d expect from Android Wear appear to be available on the iOS iteration:  Simply install the Wear app and pair your phone with the watch to be able access notifications for things like calls and texts. You can also keep track of your fitness goals and heart rate, or use voice commands to create appointments and set reminders with Google Now.

There are some limitations, however. A report from The Verge indicates you won’€™t have the same selection of third-party apps available to Android users, and interactive notifications will only work with a few Google apps like Gmail. That’s to be expected though€“ Apple has a strict set of rules for the App Store but nevertheless slightly disappointing.


Voice search also works, although it won’t have the same flexibility to search within apps as it does with Android smartphones (or as the Apple Watch can on the iPhone).

The move isn’t entirely unexpected rumors have floated around for a while, and just last week, an Amazon listing for the Huawei Watch leaked the compatibility.

It’s an important move for Google too. Dubious though the future of smartwatches may be, Apple Watch sales greatly outnumber Android Wear ones, so adding support for iOS is a logical move for Google to expand its user base€“ especially as it’s unlikely Apple will return the favor on Android with the Apple Watch.

Google says the Android Wear app for iOS is rolling out today (although there’s no App Store link yet), and will be compatible for any iPhone 5 or 6 running iOS 8.2 or higher.

Currently, iOS compatibility has only been announced for the LG Watch Urbane, and a Huawei Watch and Asus Zenwatch 2, but Google says iOS support will roll out to every future Android Wear device.

Source: The Next Web

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