Teacher Snaps On Disrespectful Student In Milwaukee Wisconsin Throwing Him To The Ground & Calling Him The N-Word [Video]


Earlier this year a Teacher’s Aide in Milwaukee at Bayville High School reached his breaking point when a student being disrespectful got in the teachers face saying, ” What’s up” in a threatening manner, the student was  being disobedient and disrupting the class.

The teacher knocked the student across the desk and subdued him by holding his neck and pushing him to the ground.

You can hear the teacher say, ” What did I tell you Ni**a; The language the teacher used when trying to control the student was by no means inappropriate, to say the least.

The way the teacher handled the situation is clearly wrong but too many students has no home training and no control.  They treat their teachers with no respect and some even end up assaulted by students.

Jasmine Pennix, 39,  now faces a felony charge of physical abuse of a child.   The charge comes with a maximum penalty of six years in prison and $10,000 in fines if Pennix is convicted.  The teacher had no previous criminal record.

State Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement regarding  the incident at Bay View H.S.:

“Based on the video I saw, I am deeply concerned about what happened at Bay View High School. I believe violence is a major educational barrier for our kids. It’s just that usually it happens on the street, not right in the classroom. We need to create schools and communities free of violence so that our kids can focus on learning, not looking over their shoulders. Until that day comes, we must ensure that our kids have access to school therapists who they can talk to about any trauma they experienced. Additionally, we must ensure workers have special training to address conflict.

“With regard to this incident, it is my expectation that the school will take appropriate disciplinary action towards all involved. Transparency will be key in moving ahead through that process. “

Ear Hustle 411 wants your opinion.  Was this teacher over the top or do you think the student deserved it?

Chime in and let us know what you think.


See details in video below:


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