Teacher Calls Black Students Ignorant & Broke Ass Ni**ers That Are Going To Get Shot [Video]

Teacher Calls Black Students Ignorant & Broke Ass Ni**ers That Are Going To Get Shot [Video]

A white female teacher visibly upset that several students are being disruptive literally lost it.  She grabbed a student by his collar and told him to get out of her classroom.  As she escorted the young man out, she is heard yelling at the other students.

After she puts the student out, she then is heard screaming, “Who else needs to fricken leave.”  Some of the students are seen laughing at her which sends her off even more.  She then says, “you all are getting zeros for doing nothing.

You can hear a student off camera say, she is going to keep bitching and yelling at the same time the teacher points her fingers at the students and say, ” You’re idiots.  She says,” I’m trying to give you an education but your going to be broke azz ni**ers that are going to get shot”.

The students are all shocked and you can hear a student say, “You’re a racist.”

When you take on a job as a teacher, it can be very difficult especially when you are placed with children that are plagued with poverty, violence, murder, oppression and police brutality not to mention underfunding of programs in their schools, however this does not give a teacher the right to disrespect these young people.

Apparently, the kids had more self-control that she did because not one child assaulted her verbally or physically, her situation could have ended badly.

Ear Hustle 411 will give you all an update once we find out the name of the teacher and the location of the school.

Should this teacher be fired?  Chime in and let us know your thoughts!


Check out the video below:







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