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Taylor Swift Falls Head Over Heels In The New Apple Music Commercial [Video]

Now that the ugly shenanigans of April  Fools’ Day are done, what better way to round out the weekend of jokes with a video that had the EarHustle411 staff laughing too hard.

Taylor Swift

Photo credit: Apple

So Apple released a commercial for its streaming program Apple Music with Taylor Swift, nothing funny about that…right?  Well when add a treadmill and rap music to it one can only imagine what’s next.  Take a look at the commercial:

Taylor Swift must have wanted a career in rap music because she thought she was getting it in until the very end when that treadmill was getting the last word!!

If Apple Music didn’t gain any subscribers with that commercial, they surely did do a few things:

  1. Squashed all hopes of Taylor Swift from ever doing a rap record…LOL!!

  2. Proved that running to rap isn’t for everybody…bwahahahahahahahahaha!!

  3. Gave the world the best laugh EVER!!

Taylor Swift

Photo credit: Apple

Source: YouTube

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