Taye Diggs Dubbed As The 1st African-American Drag Queen In Lead Role…Is There Truth To This??

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EarHustle411 came across an article that states actor Taye Diggs will be the first African-American man to play a drag queen in a leading role.  Unfortunately this is not true.  Of course there have been several black actors who played parts where the role required them to dress up in drag however it was not for a leading role.  Taye Diggs may have being the first African-American man to dress in drag as a lead in a Broadway Play on lock but not the being the first to do so in a lead part.

Several male comedians and actors who have “sacrificed” themselves and their careers by dressing up as a woman.  We understand that the article about Taye Diggs specifically states he’s the first African-American man to play a drag queen in a lead part.  While looking up the information on the subject EarHustle411 found names of quite a few famous comedians and actors who donned a dress and their careers may either boomed significantly or they became megastars.  We all know Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy and Tyler Perry are the more popular names who has dressed as a woman at some point in their career.  There’s more to add to that list…

Take a look at the list:

Flip Wilson (Comedian) – Geraldine (first appeared in 1969)

Eddie Murphy (Comedian/Actor) – Rasputia (Norbit), Mother & Grand Mother Klump (The Nutty Professor) – 1996 & 2007

Ving Rhames (Actor) – Holiday Heart (Lead Role – Holiday Heart) – 2000

Wesley Snipes (Actor) – Noxema (Too Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything  Julie Newmar) – 1995

Kennan Thompson (Actor) – Various Roles (Saturday Night Love) 2003 to  Current

Chris Tucker (Comedian) – Ruby Rhod (The 5th Element) – 1997

Miquel Nunez, Jr  (Actor) – Juawanna Mann (Juanna Mann) – 2002

Brandon T. Jackson (Actor) – (Big Momma’s House, Like Father, Like Son) – 2011

Tracy Morgan (Comedian) – (Saturday Night Live) – 2002

Arsenio Hall – (Comedian/Actor) – Coming To America – 1988

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We are so sure there are more to add to this list however, we are not judging anyone who has decided to take this route or play these types of roles but just to make it clear that Taye Diggs is not the first male to play a “lead” as a woman in drag.  We believe Ving Rhames did it first.

What are your thoughts about African-American men playing the part of a woman, is it good, bad or it doesn’t matter?

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