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Taping Of Love And Hip Atlanta Reunion Show Ends With Multiple Fights On Set


The taping of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion was being taped and it seem like all hell broke loose. there have been reports of multple fights breaking out at the taping of the reunion show. If you been watching this season, there are so many enemies and crazy things that has been going on. We been ear hustling all over the net about this story. Check out our findings.

Maybe it was the looming tension stemming from an earlier Twitter beef that caused Joseline and Stevie to go berserk, either way the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion special taping didn’t last long without fists being thrown and wigs being snatched…literally.

So here’s what happened:

Everything seemed to be going pretty well. The cast: Joseline Hernandez, Stevie JMimi Faust, Nikko, Benzino, Althea, Karlie Redd, Erica Dixon and Ariane had just been seated and new host Sommore (“Queens Of Comedy,” “Comic View”) had just finished reading her intro lines. Benzino and Stevie exchanged words and their argument escalated quickly. Within seconds they charged at one other. While that was happening, Joseline walked across the stage and started pummeling Althea with punches to the face. Althea couldn’t move much as she was seated but eventually squirmed out of her position. Benzino and Stevie were after each other but subdued by security guards who were able to lock Benzino down, literally pinning him on the floor in a wrestling-like move. Benzino seemed like he was desperately trying to get to Althea before Joseline beat her to a pulp. At one point Joseline, who was wearing sky-high Versace heels, hit the ground and guards were able to pull Althea away. She had a small, bloody scratch on her face and tried to throw a bottle in Joseline’s direction. Unlike MTO’s report, Althea didn’t beat up up Joseline, it was quite the other way around.

According to other reports, Joseline then attacked Mimi backstage. Joseline responded on Twitter, “Time speak the truth. 3 hoes 1 hour! Back to back.”

The security guards had a hard time controlling Stevie. He kicked, wiggled and fought his way out of their hold until finally screaming in their face to let him go. Stevie could not be stopped. He broke free out of his shirt and charged towards Benzino again. They were ushered backstage where the mayhem continued. Suddenly Joseline reemerged and attacked Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy, who was sitting on down, and snatched her ponytail. Security were able to pull them apart but Tammy sought retaliation. She charged Joseline’s direction but was stopped by guards. Waka’s mother Deb had to be restrained.

Finally, the set was cleared. But, Stevie and Joseline returned to the side door where they cursed and confronted a producer, demanding someone find their cellphones that had been misplaced in the brawl. Police were on the scene when the audience was finally released.

So why did all of this go down? Let’s recap:

Earlier in the season, Joseline and Tammy had gotten into a minor argument that resulted in a social media beef. It seemed like their beef had completely simmered down…until the reunion.

Stevie J and Benzino had severed ties after Stevie posted a photo of Zino’s fiance Althea on her knees with the caption “Lettuce anyone?,” on Twitter. Althea retweeted the photo and clarified that it was Benzino in the photo not Stevie to which he ominously responded, “No @Althea_Heart my beefcake wouldn’t fit on the screen. Few surprises for you tomorrow ma.”

It didn’t help that Benzino was tweeting the man who leaked footage of Joseline allegedly on drugs.

Source: Hello Beautiful, TMZ


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