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Tank and Ginuwine Making Skin Jokes About Tyrese On Twitter…Really Guys???

EarHustle411 doesn’t know what would prompt Tank and Ginuwine to take to Twitter and make jokes about Tyrese’s skin color but we would not be surprised if Tyrese came out swinging.  We all know that the group TGT hasn’t done anything for a minute and some would say it’s because the guys feel that Tyrese being the one with the great track record does not want to split proceeds equally.


photo credit: Marc Baptiste

Welp we don’t know if that’s true or not but Tyrese has been “sustaining” in the business and not to mention his bank account ain’t lacking in zeros.

So Tyrese may respond and he may not but this may not be the best way to get him to decide to move forward with more TGT projects. No matter how you sing it, this is not cool.


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