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Taking A Walk With President Barack Obama

Sometimes when an individual holds the highest office known to man we find it very unusual when they are out of their official capacity and doing normal stuff.  Well President Obama decided that he was going to take a walk and surprised a few folks along the way.  Take a look at the raw and uncut video of President Obama walking down the National Mall.

Sometimes people forget to keep in mind that the leaders of the free world are human too. We expect so much out of them but don;t want to contribute to their success.  We al may not agree with the stance of the President but the fact still remains is this; he is still the Commander-in-Chief and we are residents if the leader does not do a good job and we as residents don’t do our part then we really have NOTHING to complain about.

One has to remember to not put their fair in MAN because you will get disappointed every time but put your faith in God who with all his infinite wisdom and power will cover the man


President Barack Obama Official White House Photo

Source: White House Press



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