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Suspect In “Slender Man” Stabbing Deemed Mentally Incompetent

I have a serious issue with this story because I am P****D OFF !!!  How is it that when white kids commit a heinous crime they are deemed mentally incompetent and if a black teen had done the same thing they would be under the jail and called savages.  Here in Chicago we are dealing with our youth black, white and brown killing each other like nobody’s business but everyone is not getting a getting a fair shake when it comes to the justice system.  There’s NOTHING you could tell me to make be believe that some of these kids killing here in Chicago are not mentally unstable.

This system has NEVER BEEN FAIR when it comes to blacks, browns vs. whites and I am convinced that it NEVER WILL BE!!! 


Reports find one Slender Man stabbing suspect mentally incompetent

WAUKESHA — The two tweens accused of stabbing their friend to please on online myth appeared before a judge today, but their case remains far from trial.
Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, both 12, entered the court room separately wearing blue scrubs and in chains. They appeared clean and composed, with their hair combed and both wearing glasses.
Geyser’s defense team presented two reports from their physicians claiming Geyser’s mental incompetency; she doesn’t understand the situation she is in and cannot participate in her own defense (pleas, testimonies, etc).
The state challenges this conclusion and requested a competency hearing on August 1. Prosecutors also want a full mental evaluation to determine if Geyser had any mental disease at the time of the stabbing on May 31.
Geyser could be seen braiding her blonde hair in a pony tail — even in handcuffs. She remained composed and emotionless.

Anissa Weier’s attorney made a procedural move to leave her competency up for debate, but no such decision was made. Her next hearing will be August 1.
Weier offered no smiles or tears as she hid her face behind her dark wavy hair.
Weier’s attorney tells TODAY’S TMJ4 that the number one goal is to get this moved to juvenile court.
Members of both families attended this morning’s hearing; Geyser’s dad spent much of the morning crying and with his face planted within his palms.
Weier’s father remained stoic throughout the proceedings.
Source: NBC News 4
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