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“Surgeon Dad Gives Both His Daughters Breast Implants”

These sisters love their matching boob jobs. And you won’t believe who their surgeon is—their dad!

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Brittani Niccole says her flat chest embarrassed her in high school, so she asked her dad, plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole, for size C implants. He granted his daughter’s wish on her 18th birthday.

Brittani told INSIDE EDITION, “It’s so cool that both of us have our boobs done.”

Then it was Charm, his other daughter’s turn. She says pressure to look good in Orange County, California, had her wishing for fuller breasts. So, Dr. Niccole operated on Charm, taking her size B breasts to a full C.
Charm said, “When I put on a swimsuit, I feel way more confident. I love it.”


But the doctor’s unconventional decision to operate on his own daughters is creating a huge backlash. Now, the doctor is speaking out only to INSIDE EDITION.

Watch the full interview.

Dr. Niccole said, “The whole world is looking at us saying, ‘How could a father do surgery on his daughters?’ “

People are taking to the blogspheres saying: “This is sick. Wrong wrong wrong.” Another person  writes: “Eewww! Very weird.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano asked, “What would you say to critics who say it’s just creepy to do surgery on your daughters?”

“They treat it sexually and I dont treat it sexually. I treat it just as another body part,” answered Dr. Niccole. “I’ve done, you know, 15,000 to 20,000 of these so I feel very, very comfortable that I am not the best, but one of the best in the world in breast surgery. I’ve been doing them for 30 years.”

But what about his daughters? Was there any point when they just felt, well, this is awkward?

Recano asked the girls, “How did you feel about having your dad do the breast implants?”

Brittani replied, “Honestly, I was not, like, nervous and it was not awkward at all. I know my dad is a professional.”

“Your dad is obviously a very experienced physician. Nevertheless, he still is your dad,” noted Recano.

Charm said, “I think that out of anyone, I would go to my dad because I trust him. I would feel more uncomfortable going to someone I didn’t know.”

Breast surgeries aren’t the only procedures Dr. Niccole has done on his daughters. When Charm was 10, he reshaped her outie belly button giving her an innie. He also gave Brittani a nose job when she was 21.

Brittani told Recano, “When I had my nose, my daddy put an implant on top just to make my profile perfect, basically.”

Why so many procedures? Dr. Niccole said, “Are they beautiful? Of course. You’d be blind to say these two aren’t beautiful. It just enhanced, I think enhanced their self esteem.”

But not everyone in the family approved of the surgeries. Their mom, Penny opposed it.

“My wife was initially against the surgical procedure, only because her two little babies wanted surgery,” said Dr. Niccole.

Charm, who works in her father’s office, and Brittani, who’s a make up airtist, make maintaining their beauty, a priority.

The doctor says he’s never encouraged his daughters to do any enhancements, but in the end, this dad says he had no choice other than to operate on his own daughters.
He said, “They’re going to have surgery anyway. There’s no question I felt that I would give them the best of care.”


Source: Inside Edition.

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