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Sunny Hostin Legal Analyst With CNN Expresses Her Frustration With Her Extremely Ignorant Co-Host [Video]

As I watched the footage of CNN host Sunny Hostin and just the mere look on her face truly show it all, she has the look of sheer disgust and I would too.  Her co-host has most certainly been showing his “color” if you will on more than one occasion.

Check out the raw video of Sunny and her co-host in serious debate about racism:

With all that is going on with the police and their abuse of police power, it has gotten beyond ridiculous. I must admit that I fear for myself and my children because the situations we see on the news could easily be one of my children or myself. Now the frustration Sunny feels is very valid because she is a woman of color and she has every right to question what is happening to African-Americans and their interactions with law enforcement officials.

The question is what do we do about it? While every interaction does not have the severity as the most recent situation that happened in Hammond, IN but in all truthfulness should we be surprised by it? The state of Indiana has had a reputation of being one of the most racist states and with the latest turn of events unfortunately they are living up to what the public believes and perceives.

Earhustle411 will be staying close to all the situations involving the law and their abuse of power.

Source: CNN [Video]

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