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Students At University Of Illinois Took To Twitter With Racism And Sexism Comment After Learning Classes Was Not Cancelled

Phyllis Wise

The weather in the Midwest is below freezing and public schools, colleges and businesses decided not to open their doors due to the extreme weather. Chancellor Phyllis Wise of U of I in Urbana-Champaign decided to not to close the university and sent the following letter to all students.

urbana email


The students felt that should not have to attend class due to the weather and took to twitter with their thoughts,concerns and created a hash tag #F___Phyllis on Twitter. The students responses went from sexism to racism. Someone even went as far as creating a fake Phyllis Wise Twitter account which gained thousands of followers in minutes.




Some people from Twitter seen the backlash from the students and decided to speak their mind on the issue.


As of now classes are still in session

Source: Buzz Feed

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