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Strict Texas Parents Shot Dead By Their Homeschooled Son

A 16-year-old boy whose life was strictly controlled by his protective parents appeared in court today accused of their murders. 

The homeschooled teen, who has not been named, appeared before a judge wearing an orange prison jumpsuit on Tuesday over the murders of his parents, Ryan and Maria Elena Callens, aged 48 and 49 respectively.

The teenager was shackled at the wrists and ankles but appeared calm during the hearing in Frisco, Texas, reports revealed. He remained in custody after being charged with the double

According to The Dallas Morning News, following a 911 call from the home at 2am on Monday, officers arrived on the scene to find the boy sitting outside the home alongside his elder sister who was extremely distressed.

According to court documents on Tuesday that the sister was overheard asking: ‘What do you mean you did it?’

The teen accused answered: ‘I did it’, according to the News, before the sister responded: ‘Was this your plan?’

He did not reply and was taken into police custody after indicating that he had left the gun in the home. 

Officers found Mr Callens lying on the floor with a gunshot wound and a rifle with a flashlight taped to it, according to The Dallas Morning News. Mrs Callens was found in the master bedroom with bullet wounds to her head and arm. 

parents killed by teen

The autopsies on the couple, who have four other children, have not yet been completed. 

The 16-year-old’s next hearing is in two weeks.

The boy was described as ‘very sheltered’ by neighbors after being arrested for allegedly shooting dead his ‘strict’ parents.

The 16-year-old was barred from drinking soda, had all of his online activities monitored and wasn’t allowed to watch any R-rated movies. The PG-13 films he watched were screened to remove violence and other adult content, neighbors revealed. 

Jonathan Marcum, 15, who played with the teenage suspect, said the Callens closely monitored what their son did online and restricted what he was allowed to watch and even what he ate, according to the Dallas Morning News.

‘They didn’t allow any PG-13 movies, and if they did they would have it on Clear Play, which would take all the violent moments and skip it,’ Marcum told KXAS-TV. ‘So there was pretty much no violence in that family.’

Teens in the neighborhood said the Callens were very strict with the 16-year-old suspect and that any time the teen broke the rules, he would be punished.

killed parents home

His parents were really uptight on him,’ William Castillo, who played sports with the boy, told the Morning News.  

Neighbors said the boy went to public elementary school and middle school. However, his parents kept him out of the classroom and homeschooled him instead of sending him to high school. 

One neighbor said the teen preferred it that way and that he said he’d ‘never go back’ to school.

The teenage suspect was the youngest of the Callens’ five children. He has two siblings who are in college, one who just finished college and an older sister who attends Centennial High School in Frisco. 

At least one sibling was home at the time, but was not hurt, authorities said.

Neighbors in the middle-class neighborhood were shocked by the murders, according to KTVT. They described the teenager as a ‘good kid’ and said that the Callens were friendly fixtures in the neighborhood, where they have lived for eight years. 

‘From what we saw, he had a very good heart,’ Nikki Williston, 15, told the Morning News.   

Authorities have not said where the teen got the gun he used to kill his parents. Neighbors say they don’t believe the Callens owned a firearm. 

Mr Callens owned his own company, The Callens Innovation Group, which he operated out of his home in Frisco.

Police worked at the house until well into the evening on Monday – removing several bags of evidence, including at least one computer.  

Police said they do not have a motive in the killing.

Source: Daily Mail Online


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