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Stop Posting These 5 Things On Your Facebook Page Now

Depending on where you travel in the US, you might find yourself in a totally other world or at least it may feel that way. Although it might be rumored that New Yorkers and Californians hate each other, if there is one thing they agree on, it is for you to stop posting your personal problems on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Photo Credit: Imgur

This comes after a study of about 10,000 Facebook users that asked what kind of posts irritates them the most. Personal problems are but one of five top post categories that most individuals are sick and annoyed of seeing.

Rantic.com, a UK based social marketing and public relations focused firm, conducted the study. Amongst the other type of posts include: selfies, baby pictures, political posts, and food pictures. Each state had one type of post that was more annoying than the rest and as the research study suggests, nearly half of the country does not want to see your personal problems either.

So really do some people a favor and stop loathing yourself or stop uploading a visual menu that some of us could not possibly have.

Source: HuffPost

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