Stephon Marbury Slams Michael Jordan Says He Doesn’t Care Kids Are Dying Over His “China Made” Shoes

Stephon Marbury is blowing up Twitter with his comments about the Jordan shoe brand. We can recall when the department store Steve and Barry’s carried the Starbury sneaker line and they were pretty decent and quite inexpensive, something like $15 a pair.  Not a bad price for a pair of nicely built shoes.  Now there is NO secret that when a pair of Jordan’s ar released people line up for blocks just to get a ticket to get a pair.  It’s also NO secret that many have been injured or killed for their Jordan’s.  With as much of the violence surrounding the product Michael Jordan has not made any comments or doesn’t even appear to be concerned with the turmoil surrounding the Jordan’s brand.

Well Stephon Marbury and the Starbury brand are coming back and he is calling out Michael Jordan and the fact that he gives the appearance of not giving a d*mn about people losing their lives all for a pair of his shoes. Marbury’s twitter has been riddled with backlash as well as praise from his comments.  Truthfully speaking, any sneaker that costs as much as a car note or utility bill need to stay on the shelf, however we are not the consumer buying police either.  The best way to get a wealthy person’s attention is to not contribute to or purchase the very thing that makes them wealthy.  Even though the Jordan sneakers is not the main source of Michael Jordan’s income but making $100 million off of a shoe ain’t nothing to laugh at.  Granted people are going to spend their money on what they want even if they cannot afford it.

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Read more as reported by Urban Intellectuals:


You might remember Marbury from his days of heating up the NBA courts with his And1 Mix Tape, street ball style. His crazy handles, high energy game that never seemed to disappoint the fans.

However, you may not remember Marbury attempted to change the gym shoe culture and business industry in the country and specifically the black community by making quality shoes at an affordable price, $15.

Well, it appears Marbury is ready to invest in bringing the affordable shoe movement back, but is driving some media attention by calling out the likes of Michael Jordan and his indirect feeding of the prison industrial complex in a series of Tweets. In one Tweet, Marbury said “Jordan has been robbing the hood since.”

Marbury and the “Starbury” brand claimed the shoes were made from the same shops, materials and quality as the shoes priced at least a hundred dollars more. And I must say, that I AGREE 100%. I bought a pair of Starbury’s from the out of business Steve & Barry’s to support the affordable shoe movement, make an investment in the things I want to see in the world, and must report I STILL HAVE THEM TODAY. In fact, I STILL HOOP IN THESE VERY SHOES TO THIS DAY. Granted, i’m not a big time hooper and might get on the court a few times a year, but I still wear my Starbury’s with pride because I believed they were a great idea.


Glad to hear they are making a come back and hopefully this time they are here to stay. Affordable shoes are something we desperately need in the black community to move away from this materialistic culture. Marbury is highlighting how the materialism of our high fashion, luxury taste are destroying our communities and they are supported and encouraged by the uber rich peddlers like Michael Jordan, whom many believes not only stays quiet on our social issues, but also invest in the prison industrial complex his products feed.

Source: Urban Intellectuals

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