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Staten Island woman scammed Medicaid out of $47,000 while living in $2 million mansion and driving around in a Rolls Royce

Many of the rich are constantly looking down on the poor for abusing government assistance when they are no better. There are many people that collect government assistance or beg on street corners and they are living in the top echelon of the majority of people.

A Staten Island woman Hasime Lika 34, is accused of collecting Medicaid benefits while living  large in a new, multi-million dollar, swimming pool-equipped home and cruising  around in a luxury Rolls Royce.
Hasime Lika, 34, allegedly claimed no  income or assets when she signed up to the health assistance program in 2006,  getting payments totaling $47,000 through 2011.

During that time, she  lived with Bill Lika, her common-law husband and father of her two children,  said assistant district attorney Joel Greenwald.

Read more: This  is a link to  www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/s-woman-scammed-medicaid-living-mansion-article-1.1517026#ixzz2kiWNMbj2

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