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State Cops Arrest Local Cop For Choking The Repo Man & The Cop Tried To Run So He Wouldn’t Be Tasered [ Video]

State Troopers Arrest Local Cop For Choking The Repo Man & The Cop Tried To Run [ Video]

New Mexico- A crazed cop named Charles Vernier who was already under investigation puts a repo man in an illegal chokehold because the repo man was repossessing his SUV.

Fortunately for the repo guy, his wife caught the whole incident on tape as the cop tried to lie and say the repo man pushed him.

Los Lunas PD said they were responding to a call that the driver and NMSP officer Charles Vernier were in some sort of dispute and Vernier was caught on video holding the Repo- Driver in a choke hold for 8 minutes.

As the cops show up, they saw Officer Vernier wrongfully choking the repo man and they demanded that he let him go in which he refused to comply. “I’m not being handcuffed today,” Vernier says in the video.

 They had to then pull out their taser’s and threaten him to let the man go.  Vernier then tried to run and tripped over his own feet and was then apprehended.

There must be something in the water, because within the last six months alone, there have been three known cases of  New Mexico Law Enforcement sodomizing victims.

Check out the video below:

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