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Starbucks In The News AGAIN, Customers In An Uproar Over Their Polar Bear Cookies

With all the things in this world to be angry over, a DANG BLASTED cookie has got people’s thermals in a bunch.  Starbucks in the hot seat again, this time they are catching the wrath of the p****d off customer because of the polar bear cookie. Apparently the cookie design has some of the fans of Starbucks uptight, as they say the cookie looks like has its throat slit.  The supposedly “dark” treats haven’t been sold since December 2010 according to Starbucks.  Soooo…what’s the big deal.  Welp…guess some things a just more important than others. C’mon REALLY!!

Read more as reported by US Magazine:


Photo Credit: Bunches and Bits/Flickr

People are now upset with Starbucks over their attempt at a cute seasonal cookie. Customers of the mega coffee chain have been sharing photos of the new polar bear-shaped cookies wearing a red scarf. Sounds innocent, however, some folks are seeing something decidedly different — instead of a scarf, they see bears with bloody, slashed necks.

The latest controversy comes after some complaining that Starbucks’ red holiday cups are not representing Christmas enough. This years cup consists of a simple red ombre design.

“First starbucks doesn’t support christmas and now they encourage killing polar bears. smh,” one person tweeted, along with an image of the cookie. “Not sure why Starbucks think Polar Bears with their throats slit are ‘christmassy,’” another user tweeted.

Read more responses below, and tell Us, what do you see?

Source: US

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