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Squatter In Tinley Park, IL Subdivision Living SCOTT FREE…WOW!!


The problem with squatters is hitting home in an upscaleTinley Park subdivision.On Mallow Street where homes sell for $350,000 or more, a woman has been living in a house rent and mortgage free for two years.“It’s very frustrating, our property taxes are very high, I work nights to pay mine and to help support my family. And I just see her coming and going without a care in the worldit’s enormously frustrating,” said neighbor PattiYara.And no one is more frustrated than Rob Moss, who bought the property as an investment last November, but can’t get Michele Parker to move out.

“I’s beyond frustrating, everything that she says has been a lie, she’s strong us along and like I said we were nothing but generous with their offers we are working with her,” said Robert Moss with A. Tarraf Construction

Moss said he offered Parker $5000 to move out by end of last year, but she refused. So, they took her to court in January and Parker agreed to move out.

“She was supposed to vacate February 7, We have a court order for her to vacate the property, that did not happen,” Moss said.

Parker claimed through the door that she had a lease and told Fox 32 News she has been paying 1$,500 a month in rent. She told a similar story to the judge in January.

“The day of trial came, she was supposed to bring the documentation showing in fact that she had been paying, and mysteriously she didn’t produce anything. The judge specifically asked her, she claimed that she forgot the receipts,” said David Sotomayor, Robert Moss’ Attorney.

So, Moss and his business partner have started the eviction process with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. But it got delayed after Parker claimed she had a sick elderly woman living with her, a person neighbors have never seen, but who was in the home last night when social services came by to check.

Moss said Parker is just gaming the system.

“It’s really frustrating because it’s almost like the laws are geared towards the squatters,” he said.

“I’ll call it a scam, because that’s exactly what it is,” Sotomayor said, “And she knows how to play the system and thinks she can get away with this well some point it’s got to end.”

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department said evictions have been delayed because of the long cold winter. But a spokesman said Parker’s eviction is now scheduled for next week.

Source: FOX

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