“Sorry Mrs. Carter” But I’m Sleeping With Your Husband!!

WOW!! Beyonce can’t catch a break!! A video has been posted on YouTube under the name YesLivCan.   It would appear that this artist she allegedly Jay Z’s “dip off” and is claiming that she has had “relations” with Jay Z and is “going in” on BeyonceLiv according to the YesLivCan website is a Chicago native and is making a little bit of noise with her “shot heard around the Bey”.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting low because shots have been fired for sure!! 

Read all about it as reported by Hip Hop Wired:

Liv & Jayz

In struggle news today, Jay Z’s alleged mistress, Olivia McFallar aka Yes Liv Can, pens an open letter dedicated to the rapper’s wife titled “Sorry Mrs. Carter.”

The indie label starter speaks out for the first time about her relationship with Hov, what it did and did not entail. She even recorded it for our viewing pleasure.

Between struggle bars and piss poor cinematography, this chick’s out to brew some trouble while frantically waving a “Look at me!” sign in the process. All the while, she’s pulling from some of Jigga Man’s most famous lines. “You actin’ nonchalant for the audience/ ‘Cause I ain’t just another shorty you put the naughty on,” says Liv, who adds insult to injury when she remixes Beyoncé’s lyrics as well.

“I’m ringing the alarm ’cause I overstand/ And girls can’t run the world fighting over man,” she spits.



Source: Hip Hop Wired


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