Snoop Dogg Goes Off On Facebook About The Roots TV Series Says I Says “I Can’t Watch None Of That Sh*t”

Snoop Dogg has probably made a few enemies but the maybe not from his latest post on Facebook.  He of goes ham about the latest rendition of Roots and “black” movies and tv shows. Interestingly enough he probably isn’t the first person to not want to watch the TV remake but he is definitely the first EarHustle411 has seen to as vocal about it.  A lot of people would agree with him but then there’s more that would disagree because unfortunately slavery is a part of history.

As we know you have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.  He says that he is tired of watching programs that are portraying us as slaves and characters that are constantly keeping the hardships that we faced as blacks on the forefront.  Snoop also goes on to say that why aren’t programs being made that showcase the successes that blacks have achieved and he ends his rant with “f*ck that old sh*t…right jews”…WOW!! (drops the punchbowl) Share your thoughts about this, how are you feeling about the TV remake of Roots?

Take a look:



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