Snoop Dogg Arrested In Sweden Says “I’ll Never Come Back Here”


Snoop Dogg won’t be performing in Sweden again after a really rough weekend there.

The veteran rapper was arrested in Sweden for suspicion of driving under the influence on Saturday, but he thinks he was booked as a result of racial profiling.

Police told TMZ that Snoop was detained because he showed signs of driving under the influence, but the rapper says he was forced to pee in a cup and that he was clean. The rapper adds that the only reason he was pulled over is because he’s Black.

To that claim, police say it will still take two weeks to get Snoop’s results back, but that “we don’t work like that in Sweden,” denying any charge of racial profiling.

Snoop had just performed in Uppsala, Sweden, beore he was taken into custody.

Source: BET

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