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Smithsonian’s African-American Museum Scheduled To Open September 2016

FINALLY!! In September 2016 long-awaited African-American Museum will be opening to the public.  This project has been in the making for many years and truthfully speaking it should have been done long before 2016 but as with anything that requires careful planning and excellent execution requires time.  Reports are speculating that this 100-year dream of a museum that focuses on the history, struggles and successes of African-Americans is to be a phenomenal sight.  Take a look at the sneek-peek video released by the Washington Post:

EarHustle411 and the writing staff as well as many people in society who are in agreement that a museum that is dedicated to African-Americans is too long over due and we cannot wait until it’s completed for the world to see and marvel at the many levels of trials and triumphs the African-American community has endured.  This is truly a great thing!!

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