Singer R. Kelly Opens Up About His Relationship With Aaliyah & The Minor He Was Accused Of Urinating On, Says He Is Not Wrong For Having Relations With Aaliyah

Singer R. Kelly Opens Up About His Relationship With Aaliyh & The Minor He Was Accused Of Urinating On

According to The Source, In a new interview with GQ magazine, “The Confessions of R. Kelly,” the legendary Chicago singer and songwriter gets candid and somewhat forthcoming with Chris Heath on a bevy of topics, including and especially, Dave Chappelle, Aaliyah, urinating on human beings and more.

The Aaliyah segment of the conversation begins with Kelly detailing what he saw in the fallen singer musically, noting her charisma and “soft voice,” before progressing to Heath’s inquiry into the nature of their personal relationship, which Kelly initially alludes was analagous to that of two best friends, “deep friends” Kelly specifically says, which–naturally–wasn’t enough of an answer for Heath considering the existence of a wedding ceremony, a ceremony that wedded Kelly and Aaliyah in holy matrimony. The following is an excerpt from GQ, taken from the Aaliyah-related segment of their interview with Kelly.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.02.21 PM

Once the premise was set, the morality of the relationship was carefully called into question, and unlike his HuffPost Live interview, Kelly took the time to engage with this interviewer’s prodding, pointing him to his book–a book that, according to Heath, makes no mention of Aaliyah–for answers to the questions that he’s been repeatedly asked over his lengthy career. Then, an attempt to set the record straight.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.04.22 PM

In the rest of the interview, Kelly is asked about the video that featured someone a large majority of people perceived to be R. Kelly urinating on a woman, and the subsequent skits about him that made Dave Chappelle one of the world’s most notorious (and successful and sought after) comedians. You can read the entire thing here.


Source:  The Source

Written by: KHARI


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