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Should Jailed Officers Be Given Special Treatment While In Custody?

With all of the controversy surrounding law enforcement and the many police brutality cases, killing of unarmed suspects and a slew of other charges.  EarHustle411 wants to pose this question “should jailed officers charged with crimes be given special treatment while in custody?

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EarHustle411 and the writing staff has learned that former Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke who was charged with first degree murder of 17-year old Laquan McDonald is being held in “protective” custody.   Van Dyke was charged 14 months after shooting McDonald some 16 times.  Had it not been the courageous efforts of a journalist filing a lawsuit to get the shooting footage released, the likelihood of him EVER being held accountable for his actions on that fateful day October 20, 2014 may never have come to pass.

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Clearly this is the first case where an officer has been charged with first degree murder but not the first time an officer has been charged with a crime.  Is it fair to give people employed in positions of authority such as police officers, politicians and such to be given preferential treatment as part of their being held accountable.  How many times has a police officer been put on paid administrative leave before they have been either been removed from the position or given back their job with an “ata boy, now get back to work”?

Criminal activity is just that criminal activity, it does not warrant special treatment.  We don’t see any non-authoritative criminals getting special treatment.  Whenever those criminals are caught and/or charged you can best believe they will not get special treatment and be placed into protective custody, there is not too much of a difference.  Guess it depends on what side of the pen or color line one may be on.

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