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Shoe Company ” Toms” To Donate A Pair Of Shoes For Every Bare Feet Instagram Post Using #WithOutShoes

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Your Instagram feed is about to get inundated with pictures of feet.

Footwear company Toms is celebrating its ninth anniversary with a fundraising project called One Day Without Shoes that has taken social media by storm. Founder Blake Mycoskie is encouraging people to upload photos of their bare feet with the hashtag #withoutshoes to Instagram. In exchange, the company will donate a new pair of its signature slip-on shoes to a child in need, up to one million pairs.(Tweet this)

“This year, on One Day Without Shoes, we’re honoring your commitment to raising awareness for children’s health and education,” according to the company’s website.

The event runs from May 5 to May 21 and limits entries to one photo per person via a public Instragram account.

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The company’s business model is known as “one-for-one,” which promises to donate a pair of Toms shoes for a child in need for each purchase of a pair. Shoes have been sent to Haiti, Guatemala, Rwanda, South Africa, Argentina, Ethiopia and the United States since the company’s inception.

Toms will announce on May 21 the total number of shoes that will be donated unless the million pair benchmark is met first.

Source: CBS 

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