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Shocking: Woman Put 5-Month Old Baby In Trunk To Avoid Ticket Due To No Car Seat

Shocking:  Woman Put 5-Month Old Baby In Trunk To Avoid Ticket Due To No Car Seat [VIDEO]

A young mother was arrested early Tuesday after she put her 5-month-old baby into the trunk of her car, to avoid getting a ticket for not driving with a car seat.

Broward County, Florida sheriff’s deputies first spotted 19-year-old Breona Synclair Watkins driving a car with a headlight out around 1am, when she pulled out 15 feet into an intersection at a red light, and then backed up.

They then attempted to pull her over, but she continued through the green light and another quarter-mile before coming to a stop.

The 14-year-old sitting in the passenger seat said the 2005 Dodge Stratis belong to her mother.

When another deputy showed up and heard crying from the trunk, so they opened it up and found Watkins’ 5-month-old laying on a pair of large hedge-cutting shears.

The temperature in the trunk was noticeably warmer than outside, and was littered with other hazardous materials like a rusty metal hanger and tire iron, a plastic CD case and a used gas can.

Watkins told police officers that the 14-year-old was holding the baby in her lap when she noticed the cops.

Not wanting to get ticketed for driving without a car seat, Watkins had the passenger put the baby in the truck through an opening in the back seat.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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