Shocking News!!! Internet Sensation “Im Delivert” Andrew Caldwell Claims He Slept With Ex NFL Football Player Kordell Stewart [ VIDEO]

Internet Sensation "Im Delivert" Andrew Caldwell Claims He Slept With Ex NBA Player Kordell Stewart [ VIDEO]

Former NFL Football Player Kordell Stewart was accused of being gay and eventually divorced his beautiful and stunning wife Porsha Stewart of  Real Housewives of Atlanta for not defending him when the rumor mill was going wild with allegations that he was gay.  As a matter of fact he vehemently denied it.

Kordell gave interviews stating it was a lie and that he was a straight man, he even went as far as hinting that Porsha was bitter at the divorce and that’s probably why she never defended the rumors.

So what Gives?  Internet Sensation Andrew Caldwell, better known for his catch phrase, “I’m Delivert” I don’t like men’s no more, I like women’s, women’s, women’s, is claiming that he and Kordell Stewart were intimate. When asked, he said, ” I knew he was married”.

Was Porsha on to something when she remained vague with her response to the accusations?  Many people said they believed Kordell was gay even though he insisted that it was a rumor and a vicious rumor at that.

So let’s ask this question, if Anrew Caldwell has been delivert as he claims, why would he stir up such an ugly controversey?

Ear Hustle 411 don’t know what to believe but regardless of whether it’s true or not, we want to hear Kordells response to Mr. Caldwells accusations.


Ear Hustle 411 will keep you updated!!!

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