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“Shelly Zimmerman Serves George Divorce Papers While he is in Jail”

Shelly Zimmerman has been trying for several months to serve George Zimmerman divorce papers but was unable to do so after the last incident.  George went into hiding with his new girlfriend after punching Shelly’s father in the face and pointing a gun at Shelly .  No charges were filed.    Shelly  herself was charged with perjury by lying on the witness stand  in the Travon Martin case, which was later used against her .


George has since gotten himself in more hot water after the same girlfriend he ran off with has now pressed charges against him for pointing a shot-gun in her face.  George then abused the system by calling the police on his girlfriend the same way he did his wife to create a he said -she said -situation.  fortunately this time he had to surrender his weapons.  Shelly was able to serve him divorce papers.


Ear Hustle 411 will keep you posted.

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