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Shaquille O’Neal’s A BIG Tipper And He’s Proud Of It!!

People who work in the restaurant industry as servers, cooks, bus boys/girls aren’t making a living wage as they would if they were in a different profession so they depend on the tips of patrons to make up the difference.

The rule on tipping his a topic that will always bring about conflict however some people tip well and some don’t.  Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal reveals he is a big tipper.  Well how about that??

Keep on tipping Shaq!!

Take a look at the report from CNBC:

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Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t complicate things when leaving a tip. He simply asks the server how much they want.

“When I’m at restaurants, I am a big tipper,” the retired NBA star told Jimmy Kimmel in 2017. “I like to show people my appreciation. So when they come up to the table, I say, ‘The quicker I get my order, the bigger your tip will be.’ And then the food will come fast.

“Then, when we’re getting ready to leave, I’ll ask them: ‘How much do you want?'” The most anyone has ever asked for was $4,000. “And I said, ‘OK no problem,'” he recalls.

As for the valet, they’ll get about $300 for parking his car, O’Neal told Kimmel.

When it comes to tipping, venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya also keep its simple, though in a slightly different way. He leaves 100 percent unless he had bad service, he tells CNBC on “Squawk Box.”

“If it’s bad service, no, but most of the time [I tip 100 percent]. Because they just have such joy on their face and it’s wonderful,” says the sharp investor, whose early investments include Slack, Box and SurveyMonkey. Palihapitiya is also an original member of the Facebook management team and co-owner of the Golden State Warriors.
“Look, I got lucky, so I feel like I should just pay it forward.”

For those of you who aren’t O’Neal or Palihapitiya, check out a more realistic guide to tipping.

Source: CNBC

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