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Seriously? Did CNN Mix-Up Zeta Phi Beta Sorors With Gang Members?

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CNN is based in Atlanta and has a good many black employees, so what transpired on air Tuesday was odd at best and offensive at worst.

As a camera panned a town hall on Tuesday evening, CNN’s Erin Burnett seemed to confuse members of Zeta Phi Beta sorority with gang members.

It could’ve been a mistake, as Burnett may’ve been listing the involved parties who were due to show up at the townhall that evening. Still, many can’t understand why Burnett referred to gang members when the camera clearly showed members of Zeta Phi Beta, dressed in their colors, as the largest group in the crowd.

Even if Burnett wasn’t confusing sorority members with gang members, she was ignoring them and hyping a story about a potential conflagration between gang members during a townhall.

This isn’t the first segment of Burnett’s to make news since the Baltimore protests began.

During another segment, she asked Carl Stokes, a Baltimore city councilman, whether it was right to call protesters “thugs”. Stokes in turn blasted those, included Obama, who’d called the protesters thugs.

“No, of course it’s not the right word to call our children thugs. These are children who have been set aside, marginalized, who have not been engaged by us. No, we don’t have to call them thugs,” he said.

Stokes continued,“So calling them thugs, just call them n*******, just call them n******. No, we don’t have to call them by names such as that. We don’t have to do that. That is exactly what we have set them to. … You wouldn’t call your child a thug if they should do something that would not be what you would expect them to do.”

Watch the video below and make your own decision:

Cnn!!! Really this is a historical African American organization part of the divine nine. This is not a gang. These are the ladies of ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY INC. you messed up on this one. Smh!! #cnn #zetaphibeta #baltimore #pray4baltimore smh please get your facts straight. @cnn

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