Sequoia B. Is Doing Her Thing On ABC Family’s “Startup U”

Reality TV shows are not always about the drama, as many of the shows that flood the television airways occasionally one will come along that will change the game of Reality TV.  While EarHustle411 and the writing staff loves a good reality show, what we love even more are inspiring and successful women.  Media Correspondent SunShyne had the pleasure of speaking with a young woman who is not only inspiring but she is successful and her story is an amazing one as well as her journey.

Sequoia Blodgett aka Sequoia B. of the Reality TV show Startup U and owner of 7AM backed by Draper University, where she is the quintessential Life Coach. She gave EarHustle411 the rundown on her busy life and what made her take a giant leap into the world of Reality TV.


Sequoia B.

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Sequoia’s journey to her success is a unique one, she began her career as a video music director for 9 years and unfortunately she became quite ill and was hospitalized with an infection that cause her entire body to become numb. during that time Sequoia B. had plenty of time to think about what she wanted to do with her life and make an impact on this world. She thought about what her legacy would be and what she would be leaving upon the world in the event she not survive her illness.

While she was mapping out her the next phase of her life, she came across Draper University during her reflections and as the saying goes the rest is history.   This Silicone Valley resident gets into Draper University and is literally blown away by what she encounters.  She is completely surprised that the program at Draper University was not made into a Reality Show because it clearly deserved a space in the reality world.  After pitching the idea and it was accepted Startup U was born:

Read more as we engage in an awesome dialogue with Sequoia B. :

In what ways has Startup U helped you tackle your fears? 
So what’s interesting about Silicone Valley is fear is praised because that’s where a lot of your failure comes from.  Whatever prevents one from moving forward with an idea because of funds, resources and going through the processor developing something, sometimes you’ll talk yourself out of doing it.  Here at Draper University failure is praised, it’s exciting…it’s like okay you’ve done it, you tried it now try something else.  So for us with failure being praised, it takes the fear away and some of that pressure.  When you don’t have that fear of failure and you try it, if it works it works and if it doesn’t then try something different.


With all that you’ve been through, how do you maintain your life balance?

A lot of my work-life balance comes from doing things that I am super excited about outside of my business because I am very passionate about my business.  I love going to the movies I was a filmmaker and even if I have to buy a ticket and go alone.  I go to dance classes, exercise makes me super excited. most people don’t know I was a film and dance double major in college so I still do that and I just like hanging out with like-minded people.  Especially at Draper University, so many people have brilliant minds but my work life balance happens when I step away from the company a little but it’s so hard to do because I am passionate about my company. That’s like pulling me away from my child, it’s very hard to do.


What advice can you give up and coming entrepreneurs on topics such as engaging, convincing and closing deals?

When you engage you want to be passionate, your potential investor wants to know that you are super passionate and they want to believe that you will be able to execute this idea and to convince them you have to have the content to back it up.  Do you have traction, how many users do you have and have you generate any revenue and it does not have to be a whole lot, it just they want to see if people are interested in your concept. Have a team whether that be one person or a couple of people but have a team that will be able to pick up the slack and have qualities that you may not have.  To close the deal, just ask but you want to build a relationship with your angel investor.  You just don’t want to come right out and ask and there’s no relationship there.  you want to show them you have traction and a team and your super passionate about your company and here’s where we are now in the first and second meeting and the third meeting is when you want to ask because by them you’ve built up your credibility.

sequoia B

photo credit Luc-Richard Photography


Sequoia’s work ethic is amazing she’s come a long way from that hospital bed and we see her having a longstanding career helping people reach their goals and dreams. We thank her for taking time out to speak with us, we wish her the very best in her journey.

EarHustle411 and the writing staff are so excited about the Season Finale of Startup U.  We are asking our EarHustle411 family to join us on October 15, 2015 @ 5pm EST on the ABC Family Network (Check you local listings for channel location) and tweet along with @SequoiaB using #StartupU 

Check out a sneak peek of the finale below, and we’ll catch on Twitter on October 15th!!

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