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Senator Bernie Sanders Says “America Has Got To Apologize For Slavery”

Amazing when it’s time to elect a new president, the subject of apologizing for slavery comes up from a potential candidate.  Funny though the subject of reparations never seem to be a huge discussion.  Well Bernie Sanders has opened the door to get the black community to lend one ear by talking about slavery and saying that America has got to apologize for slavery.  Now if Bernie Sanders should become the next President…will he be proactively making that apology?  Nope, he says the Nation should apologize, not an individual president.   Well how about that??…and 2016 ain’t that far away!!

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Bernie Sanders is campaigning to become the Democratic nomination for the 2016 President of the United States…and making waves in the black community speaking about slavery.

On the Joe Madison show yesterday, the host asked Sanders how he feels about a U.S. President apologizing for the centuries long enslavement of black people.

“Well, slavery is, you know,” Sanders begins, “obviously nobody in this generation, you know, is involved in slavery, but as a nation, uh, slavery is one of the abominations that our country, uh, has experienced. There’s no excuse.”

“What can we say about it?,” Sanders asks aloud, before answering himself. “It was horrific,” the Vermonter says of slavery. “It killed millions of people.”

“It destroyed just the lives of so many people,” Sanders continues. “So as a nation — I don’t think as a president — but as a nation we have got to apologize for slavery.”

“So is that a yes or a no?,” Madison inquires of the would-be U.S. president.

“Well it’s, I mean, I’m not exactly sure what it means,” Sanders replies. “As a nation, we have got to apologize for slavery and of course the president is the leader of the nation.”

It is great Sanders is willing to extend an apology, but we are do more. This could open that door.

Source: Urban Intellectuals

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