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Self- Proclaimed Nuns Run An Illegal Marijuana Business Grossing Over $400K per Year, So Why Haven’t They Been Arrested?

Nuns Run An Illegal Marijuana Business Grossing Over $400K per Year, So Why Haven't They Been Arrested?

A growing business in a California neighborhood is causing a stir, literally. There are two self-proclaimed Nuns that are running an illegal marijuana business selling salves and tinctures on ETSY. Sister Kate and Sister Darcy declared themselves Nuns and are not even Catholic.

These two women believe in the healing powers of CBD an active cannabinoid found in marijuana plants. They say they are doing so well they can barely keep up with demands. the products don’t make you high apparently however they are raking in some serious cash.

So you ask yourselves, why are so many black and brown men in prison for selling marijuana illegally ; some with life sentences and these women are allowed to break the law and have not been arrested? the business is operated under the name ” Sisters of the Valley” and can be found on www.sistersofcbd.com.

They are quoted as saying,” We spend no time on bended knee, but when we make our medicine it’s a prayerful environment. It’s a prayerful time.”

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