See What Bishop TD Jake’s Tells The Braxton Sisters About Black Women Respecting Black Women

See What Bishop TD Jake's Tells The Braxton Sisters About Black Women Respecting Black Women

Bishop TD Jakes got the Braxton sisters in check in 2 minutes flat.  As most of you know Toni Braxton was once the most popular Braxton sister in the 90’s  who recently won a Grammy Award along with Kenneth “Baby Face” Edmonds for the best R & B Category in 2015.

Younger Sister Tamar has been making some serious noise herself with her music career and  her role on the daytime talk show “The Real” 

It appears that the sister are all fighting to see who is the most popular, who is the most significant all while disrespecting each other to no avail.

TD Jakes sat down with the sister to discuss the family breakdown.  He told the sisters, ” You all are so busy trying to figure out who’s wrong when everybody is wrong.

He told the ladies, ” This toxicity is nauseating and if you were my daughters I would go ballistic, they would have to cut the cameras off.”  He then said, “This is a disgrace.”

Bisop TD Jakes, told the women, ” To all the millions of people of color that idolize you, who wish their families can get out the ghetto long enough to get a shot like you got and to see you climb all the way up here and talk to each other like this it hurts us in places beyond your family.

He called the girls flat out spoiled.  he says he deals with people that have real problems, People losing limbs who needs kidney transplants and those people go through that with more dignity than you who could about who goes on stage”.

He then tells them they are un-thankful and ungrateful.  He then ended with, “How can we teach our children to respect black women when black women don’t respect black women.


Check out the video and chime in… was Bishop TD Jakes Right???



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