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See Racist Woman Reacts To Black Man Starting His Car, Blatant Racism In Cheektowaga New York

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This video was submitted to EarHustle 411 and it’s rather disturbing to say the least.   This event happened on May 30,  2014 outside a Dollar General Store in Cheektowaga, NY in a society where people want to claim racism is not that bad and things are getting better. 

A young black man started his car and the noise startled her children; This woman Janelle Ambrosia was filled with so much hate and anger that she tried to make an excuse for her use of the N word many times throughout this video not to mention threatening to have this young man killed as well as throwing hot coffee on him.

 Her young children also started calling the young black man names.    Has our society gone mad or is this just business as usual in America?  She tried to flip the script by calling this rather calmed demeanor young man a racist so she can make herself  feel good about what she was doing and how she was behaving but the video speaks for itself.

Per Police Department, ”

If substance or mental health issues are not at play here, then her conduct should be considered as nothing less than deplorable. Clearly, there are some people in today’s society who have not yet evolved in their beliefs. As a society we obviously have more work to do,” Zack said.

When asked whether Ambrosia had committed a crime, the chief said, “There is possibly disorderly conduct that could possibly rise to the level of harassment, but both are violations.”

The four-minute, 22-second video was posted to YouTube Tuesday night. At 10 a.m. today, it had 195,700 views. By 2:15 p.m., it had 530,205 views. At 4:50, is had been viewed over 944,000 times. By 5:15, it had crossed the million-views mark. It also made the front page of Reddit, a social news website, and has been picked up by some websites both nationally and globally, including in the United Kingdom.  Racism in America is alive and well.


What do you guys think about this woman’s reaction to this young man?


 Check out the video




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