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Second Chance School For Chicago’s Supposed Throw Away Children

Children are supposed to be our future and for whatever the reason is children that have “special needs” are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to education.  Some have serious behavioral issues that can be controlled by medicine or some other form of therapy and parents that are not doing what is necessary of their children to keep them from being “thrown away” really need to be forced into prenatal management classes.


What I mean is this: if your child is extremely aggressive, fights all the time and just simply does not care who he/she hurts; there is a problem lurking there.  The video listed above is part of a documentary called “Last Chance High” and is following students who attend a school of last chances before they are placed in “the system” for whether a mental condition or a jail cell. One parent in the video acknowledged not doing right by her son by getting him the medicine he needs on a regular basis.  Her son was beyond out of control and he said he say why he acts out.

Our minority children are  acting out because they are in need of support.  One young girl in the video is just a step away from going to jail because of her behavior.  She has the ability to control her temper but states she cannot when she is provoked, I don’t think an adult could be in complete control when consistently provoked.  I am not in favor of pumping children with medicines however I am in favor of giving them what they need in order for them to be successful and if that requires medicine then I am all for it.

Sometimes as adults we really think we know what’s best for our children when in reality we could use some guidance ourselves.  It does not make you a bad parent for seeking assistance with raising your children.  The truth is it makes you the best parent in the world.  If a parent just sits back and acts like there’s nothing wrong with their child while they go to school and cut up all day everyday for no apparent reason; then that’s the parent that needs to be in parenting classes and getting helpful intervention.

This video Last Chance High documentary series really struck chord with me as I love children and will fight for a child’s rights however when a child is unruly, disrespectful & is so full of hate that they cannot sit in a classroom setting for 10 minutes without cutting up, then it is the parent I place the blame on.  They face severe problems in the home and combine that with issues at school like bullying, slow to learn, gangs, drugs & just trying to fit in.  We are in a different time and as much as technology if helpful it is a tool used to hurt as well.  Bullying in cyber space is a problem, gang activity in the home and outside the home and the list goes on.   Some of these children are not the ones on the streets killing people but their behavior in school is what makes them a prime candidate for the penal system.  Our children have more than enough going on for their lives to be just thrown away.

The Moses Montefiore Academy and its staff has their hands full with the students that are sent there because they say it’s their last stop and last chance but it does not have to be this way.  Society at large needs to stop throwing out the baby with the bath water and begin to fight for the rights of the children because once the elders have gone on to glory, the fight still needs to won!!

Life is going to happen one way or the other but at least everyone should have the same fighting chances…….right??

Source: www.news.vice.com 


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