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 The black community has awakened to a harsh reality and that is that there remains an element (confederate) in the United States that is trying with all their might to roll back  the hands of time. The recent murders of unarmed black men around the country has brought the SCRIBE to an interesting question….at what point is it legal for the black man to defend himself against rogue law enforcement?  Get yourself a cup of coffee and find a good seat because this is going to not only be interesting but this will be thought provoking.
     I heard an interesting conversation in the neighborhood coffee shop the other day and I would like to share it with you, I am going to describe this conversation to you in script form.
     ” Man some guys came on the block and started shooting at the kids”
                                                                        ” Did you call the police?”
     Yes, but they told me there is nothing that they can do about it and even suggested that my child was gang banging or selling drugs, do you believe that shit? This kid is a honor roll student and even if he was a gangster or a drug dealer does that mean their lives have no value?
                                                     ” What are you going to do about it”?
I don’t know, my son came to me and asked me what should he do? I told him that he has the right to live and that his right to life is a God given right. I told him that this God given right exceeds Federal, State and city laws. I further told him that I cannot tell him not to live. Then he asked me again what should he do? I stared him directly in his eyes and told him to live, I told him that although I am your father I cannot tell you not to live. I think that I have wisdom and I also think that I give good counsel but this was one of the hardest things that I ever had to say to my son and that was to live……at….all cost! I told my son that defending his life does not give him the right to take innocent life, hiding in the shadows as an assassin and driving through the communities shooting at innocent people.  I told him as long as he is protecting his life that he is being righteous in the sight of Heaven…..this is what I told my son.
                                                       “Hey man don’t you think that is non Christ like?”
Christ like? All the men of God protected their lives and the lives of their children; Abraham took an army and went to rescue Lot, Moses slew an Egyptian, Joshua destroyed entire cities, Samson slew 1000 Philistine with the jaw bone of an ass, Samuel killed King Agag, Elijah killed 800 false prophets of Baal and not to forget Nehemiah and Ezra who while they were working on the walls of Jerusalem worked with swords in their hands!
                                                                    THOMAS JEFFERSON   
     This is not a fabricated story, this was a real conversation that I heard between two black men and like any other good Christian it made me think hard and long…..is it Christ like for one to protect his own life? This is the question that C.N.N, FOX and the other news outlets won’t dare ask the public. Have you noticed that there aren’t any polls trending on this fundamental question? The question is, when is it lawful to protect your life against a rogue police officer or police department? This is a legitimate question that the public must entertain because we are being asked to respect the law breaking element of the Police department. Consider the Thomas Jefferson’s take on a rogue government; ” When one form of government becomes destructive , it is the morale right of the people to abolish it and institute a new Government.” Martin Luther King put it like this, ” One has a moral right to obey moral laws and one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws”. It appears that Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King are on the same page when it comes to rogue law breaking police officers. If you are a law abiding and righteous police officer this piece does not apply to you.You are not being a horrible Christian because you protect your life from an unjust human being whether he be civilian or Police. You have the right as a citizen of the Universe to protect your life and have your day in court just like the unrighteous Police officers are doing.
     The solution to this killing of American citizens by fellow citizens with a uniform and badge on should be investigated at the Federal level, what do I mean? This is what the SCRIBE means? Every time a Police Officer kills a citizen (ANY NATIONALITY!) of the United States his case should be judged by Federal Authorities not by the local Police and judges, who have shown over and over again their apparent disdain for the lives of United States citizens.
     I feel compelled to address a segment of the United States citizenry that has always been a friend to the Negro in America…our white friends. When I was younger I had a real hatred for white people because of the North Atlantic Slave Trade and the racial injustice that I have experienced and seen in America growing up. In my pursuit of the truth over the past 15 years I have come to the conclusion that the Negro in America has always had white friends and I would like to list a few of them; William Lloyd Garrison (the friend of Frederick Douglas), John Brown ( white abolitionist and revolutionary), the whites that backed the underground railroad, the white men that died fighting the civil war, Abraham Lincoln (called the Baboon President of the North), Mary White ( a white woman that founded the N.A.A.C.P), the Kennedy’s just to name a few. We must be careful to remember that our fight is not with our white friends, our fight is with our white friends evil brother. The SCRIBE is not having a sell out moment but it is more like an epiphany (awakening to a great truth) that we have always had white friends and white enemies,black friends and black enemies.Plus the Lord made it plain in the book of Revelation (Revelation 7:9,13 & 14) that his kingdom will be filled with people from every nation, kindreds, tongues but only the righteous need apply.
We will overcome this ugly moment in the history of the United States, just like we overcame the hard part of our captivity(slavery and lynching). We have shown that we are a people that cannot be held down, no other people on earth could have survived that 250 years of bondage  (1619-1865)  that we were forced into…yet we did. The indigenous Indian population when presented with the same awful captivity was decimated (destroyed) yet we survived. The indigenous people of Australia (the Aborigine) almost became extinct…yet the Negro in America survived. Africa has yet to fully recover from the onslaught of the North Atlantic Slave Trade but we did! The spokesperson for the elite (Zbignew Bresinski) said that the most dangerous thing on this planet…more dangerous than an army more dangerous than a nuclear bomb is an idea whose time has come.  The idea that I would like to present to you is that the blacks in America must consider nationhood in the forming of their own nation and self government.
                                                    TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES
     I saw a clip on President Obama today 12/8/2014 in which the President was asked his take on the rogue police and the unjust legal system. Obama responded that these things take time….that they happen in increments…. one step at a time….really! I want to go on record that the SCRIBE voted for Obama, hell I didn’t even know what platform he ran on, I voted for him because he looked like me but I am going to have to disagree with you on this one Mr. President. When I heard the esteemed Presidents response of it takes time…I had a flashback to the 60’s because this was the same message that the establishment sent to Martin Luther King and the freedom fighters…be patient…wait…it takes time! Martin Luther’s response was that, “ wait almost means never and that justice long delayed means Justice denied.” The declaration of Independence was written 248 years ago, how much more time does the United States Government need to ensure the phrase ” that all men are created equal and have certain inalienable rights?” I am sorry Mr. President because you are my guy and I suspect that this is the message from the powers that be and you are simply relaying their message to us but I am curious about one thing. Jefferson wrote that he feared for his Nation (because of slavery) because he knew that God was just and Abraham Lincoln testified that his generation would be held accountable for holding 5 million blacks as captives. What is this unseen power that this array of politicians trust in by not giving the righteousness of law to the so called Negro and other disenfranchised American citizens. He was not known to Pharoah Thutmose 1 when Moses approached him to give the righteousness of law to the captive Jews, for it was written of Thutmose 1 response, ” I don’t know YHWH nor will I give justice to this people.” Yet after YHWH destroyed Egypt you can find his name written 100 years later on the Cartouche of Amenhotep 3rd you could plainly see the name YHWH written in the Hieroglyphics.
                                                        THE WICKED HAVE BEEN DECEIVED                                                                                                 
What power is this that these unjust politicians trust in that they render evil judgments and slay the people of God? When Rome was at the height of its power, in its arrogance she declared herself above the law of God and what was Gods response? God prepared a sword called the white Barbarians to invade and destroy the Western leg of her empire….leaving one leg standing…the Black Byzantine Emperors….these are facts people not fiction. Look at the arrogance of the Southern slave masters in that they stole, tortured, maimed, murdered, raped and held captive 5 million blacks in the grips of humiliating bondage. God sent a message by the leading abolitionist of that generation that the black man was to be set free, yet they refused to listen and stiffened their necks and held fast to the Negro to the destruction of the South….and they have never recovered. So again I ask this modern generation of Kings, Presidents and politicians…what is this power that you trust in, that you don’t fear the God of the universe in that you beat his people down, that you legally electrocute (Taser) and lynch (Choke hold) them without fear?   You place the black man on death row  for crimes he didn’t commit, that he is hidden in your jail cells.  What is this power that you trust in that couldn’t deliver the confederate  President Lee and his generals from the God of the entire universe? What is this power that this current administration trusts in, this great arrogance, this pride? What is this power that the evil prosecution, wicked jurors and evil judges trust in that they continue to render evil and unrighteous verdicts against the poor and impoverished of our nation? You suffer from a great delusion….your visitation is upon you….I have warned you. I have written to you the deep things of my heart…..be vigilant and be watchful…..the SCRIBE!
             There is a book out there called; The Negro Question Part 3 The Black Pentecost, that I have read and it is a great history book by Lee Cummings. The book is truly the rewriting of world history and church history. There are images in this book of black Moses, Miriam, Samuel the prophet, David, Joseph that are 2300 years old. These images come from national museums worldwide; Moscow national museum, Syrian National museum , Galatia museum, Pergamon museum, British museum, Louvre museum in France.This writer has two of the best selling books currently on Amazon…The Negro Question; Who am I and the Negro Question Part 2 The African Slave Ships That Came From Judah……he is the real deal…..see you next time…THE SCRIBE!
Book Recomendation:
negro question part 3 final
Source:  The Scirbe
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