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Now I am sure you are aware that the SCRIBE has been missing from action but I don’t like to write for the sake of writing. I am of the opinion that when you write it should be something of substance and I think that I have found the perfect story, Dennis Rodman. Unless you have been living in a cave or isolated from the rest of Western civilization you probably have heard of Dennis Rodman! Let me refresh your memory, this guy was the greatest basketball re-bounder that the N.B.A had ever seen since the days of Wilt Chamberlain. Dennis would score 4 points in a game but finish with at least 20 rebounds! He won championships with the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan was in his prime. Dennis was different from an N.B.A point of view, he didn’t present the macho man, suit and tie image that the N.B.A was pushing. Dennis once wore a wedding dress and posed naked, see images below.












As you can see this guy has always been what you would say a bit different. Now Dennis has struck up a friendship with the ruler of North Korea, it’s not the friendship that’s the issue; it is the fact that North Korea is public enemy



If you haven’t been brainwashed by the news media you should be dissecting this story piece by piece and the first question you should be asking is what is the rift between the United States and North Korea? It is being reported in the news that the west has embargos on North Korea because of its attempts to create a weapon of mass destruction. In this particular instance the weapon of mass destruction is supposed to be a nuclear weapon but that simply is not the truth, the weapon of mass destruction that North Korea has is its central bank. The Rothschild’s family owns every central bank in the world but three, North Korea, Iran and China. Now I always like to tell people when you use the phrase, weapons of mass destruction you have to be specific, for instance is the weapon of mass destruction of a nuclear nature, is the weapon chemical warfare (Syria), is the weapon water (Turkey) is the weapon an outdated education or is the weapon the printing of ones own currency? These are legitimate questions that one must ask himself or herself when the issue is raised in the government sponsored news media. The West plus the European Israelis are quick to invade a country for fear that if it acquires the technology for nuclear energy that it will blow up a particular region of the world. However they fail to mention that America is the only nation on earth that has used a nuclear weapon on other human beings, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After America dropped the bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima the only thing that was left to remind you that humans occupied the spot that they were standing or sitting on was a vaporized image! See images below.

a shadow is all that's left of a woman sitting on the steps of a Hiroshima building


shadows of people and bridge columns  - Nagasaki



The only thing that comes close to these images in my mind are what you see among the beasts of the field. In Africa, the savage Hyena will devour you while you are alive, these animals digestive system is so potent that it can even eat and digest bone. Once a clan of Hyenas get through eating another animal the only thing left to remind you that a living being existed, is a blood splat on the ground!



According to Article 4 of the Constitution of the United States every American has the right to travel freely through these United States, which Dennis Rodman has done legally. Also according to the law, any person entering and exiting the United States must have a valid passport and it appears that Dennis has fit that criteria also or the State Department wouldn’t have let him leave. So now that we have examined Dennis Rodmans’ legal status on the surface he has not broken any laws of the United States. It appears he is simply utilizing his right to freedom of speech, maybe this right is only good in the United States! what is the real reason the news media is pissed at Dennis? The flunky News Media in the United States is controlled by the Government whether you believe it or not and they can and will only report censored news. The State Department has from time to time needed a national negro or an international negro for political purposes. Dennis Rodman is the new international Negro, like that game we used to play as children, tag and if you got tagged, you’re it! The State Department has tagged Dennis Rodman but Dennis doesn’t want to play tag and he refuses to be Americas’ new international Negro. I am not hating on Dennis Rodman but to be honest with you I don’t think he has the I.Q to be anybody Americas’ international or national negro.



                                                         KENNETH BAE

Contrary to what you believe this negative publicity concerning Dennis Rodman is not about Kenneth Bae. This is about a nation that was divided in 1945 by the world powers. Yes that’s right, the situation that is going on in Korea was created by the United Nations and America. The Soviets took control over North Korea and America took control over South Korea and hence became part of the big game. I don’t have time to explain this big game concept to you but I can tell you this, the game shifts from one region of the world to the next at the whim of the international bankers. This isn’t about Dennis or Kenneth Bae, this is about an antiquated concept, the cold war! This is about the United Nations (Good old boys) sanctions and embargo against the North Korean people, a poor people, a yellow people who are suffering because they choose to be communists instead of capitalists. This is also about the Negro perception of international world events as it relates to him and this will prove to be a compelling statement. I would like to examine a few incidents that have caught white America in an awkward position.


Muhammad Ali NYWTS.jpg


This is soul brother number one for real , not only did Ali refuse to fight (people of color) in the Vietnam war he had the audacity to change his name. The problem that the Administration had with Ali is the same problem that they are having with Dennis Rodman; he refused to be their international Negro. So because of his unwillingness to murder innocent people of color he was publically lynched by the news media of his generation and had his passport confiscated so that he couldn’t leave the plantation, sorry I meant America.

  1. Birthday boy: Jay Z was seen celebrating turning 44 in West Hollywood with Beyonce on Wednesday

                                                  JAY Z AND BEYONCE

You gotta be kidding me, a rapper and a singer? Wake up and smell the coffee, didn’t you hear all the flak that the White house got from the Republican side of the hall when Jay Z and Beyonce visited Cuba? The Treasury department issued an announcement stating that the trip was legal but if the Negro is free why does he always have to answer to the Government when he attempts to leave? Why does a free Negro need permission to leave America? Why does he have to validate the statements that he makes abroad when he exits the United States legally? Unless……..he is only free on paper!!





You might not believe this but what you are seeing in the news is what I call the modern day free Negro. The modern day free Negro is the rich professional and the slave plantation is the United States of America. The slave masters never allowed the free Negro’s on the plantation because it would make the poor old slave long for his freedom. This is one of the reasons that it is necessary to write negative press about any black persons who visit countries deemed to be the enemy of white America. It never occurred to white America that the Negro has a different perspective and point of view concerning international matters and world events. Do you mean to tell me that the media brain washing is not working? This is the problem that social media is presenting to the governments of the world, people are able to filter news from around the globe and come up with their own opinions! This is the reason that whenever a nation is in the midst of a revolution it shuts down social media, wake up and look around you!


You can’t help but to feel sorry for anyone who is incarcerated whether innocent or guilty, If you have ever been incarcerated you know that it is a suck experience, even if it was for one day. Kenneth has been charged with attempting to overthrow North Korea but the facts are vague, the man has a wife and three children who are worried to death that they may never see him alive again. I hate to hate on you Dennis but you blew this one for sure and the fact that the man has a wife and three children doesn’t help Dennis’s cause. I saw this morning where Dennis apologized to Kenneth and his family through his publicist but will that be enough?




It is very simple, I used to ask talkative children a question, I used to ask them why do you think God gave you two ears and one mouth? I would get this blank expression from the child and then I would say because God wanted you to listen twice as much as you talked! Dennis (with those big ears) has the same problem that a lot of us have, including me, sometimes when we should be listening we are talking! There is a time to SPEAK and a time to SHUT UP, this is the thing that few have mastered in this thing called living. That is why the Apostle Paul asked the question the tongue is the smallest member in our bodies but yet who can contain it? As usual the SCRIBE has come to the end of his scribbal but I hope you got something from this piece, my prayers go out to Kenneth Bae and to his family. Tomorrow I will do a second piece on the North Korean conflict with the United States and the Western powers.

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