School Workers Taped A Disabled Student’s Mouth Shut Because She Wouldn’t Be Quiet

Nursing Home Workers Taped Disabled Patients Mouth Shut Because She Wouldn't Be Quiet


A School District and four individual’s employees are being sued for abusing a student with cerebral palsy.

It’s alleged that the student was a bit noisy and instead of removing the student and allow the student to quiet down, the four individuals took it upon themselves to tape they young lady’s mouth shut.

This is such an unfortunate situation especially when you trust the people put in position of authority to care for your children and they themselves abuse your child.

Abusing defenseless people is beyond comprehension and those that do should be punished to the fullest extent of the law especially if the victim can’t defend themselves.

Schools are supposed to be safe havens, institutions whereby students feel safe, especially those who are particularly vulnerable.

A lawsuit was filed against the Washtenaw Intermediate School District and four individuals affiliated with it, accusing them of being responsible for the abuse of a disabled girl.

It is all very disturbing, but unfortunately not uncommon. And that’s because these vile perpetrators usually think they can get away with destructing the lives of the vulnerable in society.

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