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School Teacher Pleads Guilty to Blindfolding Students and Spoon-Feeding them Cookies Laced with his Semen

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A former Los Angeles  elementary school teacher charged with blindfolding students and spoon-feeding  them cookies laced with his semen has agreed to plead no contest to all charges,  an attorney for some of the victims said Thursday.

Mark Berndt plans to enter the legal  equivalent of guilty pleas to 23 charges at a hearing Friday, according to John  Manly, an attorney who represents 30 Miramonte Elementary School students and  their parents. Manly said he was notified of the plea by  prosecutors.

The plea agreement calls for Berndt to be  sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Manly called the agreement a victory for his  clients and said they are grateful for being treated ‘with decency and dignity’  by prosecutors.

‘He’s going to jail essentially for the rest  of his life,’ he said of the 62-year-old Berndt. ‘You can’t ask for more than  that.’

He said prosecutors urged a plea deal because  ‘they were concerned about re-traumatizing the children at  trial.’

The district attorney’s office and Berndt’s  lawyer declined to comment.

Before Berndt was sentenced, a parade of  sobbing mothers denounced him, saying he had ruined their lives and the lives of  their daughters. The women were not named in court.

They said they could not understand how the  school district did not know about the incidents.

Some said their daughters could no longer eat  cookies or anything sweet unless they knew their mothers had baked the items for  them. They spoke of girls who had now become unable to socialize and locked  themselves in their bedrooms.

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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2507718/Miramonte-teacher-Mark-Berndt-fed-blindfolded-students-semen-cookies.html#ixzz2kl2iFlhp

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