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Say What? A Talking Dog: Dog Say’s I’m Sorry After Eating Owners Potato Skins

Say What?  A Talking Dog:  Dog Say's I'm Sorry After Eating Owners Potato Skins

A dog being scolded for eating his owners Potato skins talks back to his owner as he says “sorry”.  He continues to talk back as the owner yells at him forbidding the beautiful Husky dog from eating his food.

The dog laying on a doggy pillow looks at his owner as the owner demands that he look at him.  The man tells the dog, “you have your own food in your bowl, why would you eat mine?”

The owner tells the dog, “You stay out of my stuff;  you are not allowed to eat my stuff, look at me when I talk to you.

He tells the dog, You’re a dog not a potato skins eating human.  he then ask the dog are you done, I don’t want to hear anymore back talk.


Check out the hilarious video below.

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