Say Whaaaaat!!!…Trumpeter Hugh Masekela Doesn’t Take Photos With Weave Wearers


Famed trumpeter Hugh Masekela isn’t fond of hair weaves and he has no problem expressing that. During a recent visit to Rhodes University, where he was receiving an honorary doctorate, the musician’s encounter with a female student asking for a photo didn’t quite go the way she expected. “You’re lucky that you were sneaky enough to have him take a picture of you next to me, otherwise I would have refused. I don’t take pictures with girls who have your kind of hair,” Masekela told the student, according to student journalist Sanele Ntshingana and City Press.

In the past, Masekela has spoken out about his hatred of hair weaves and his refusal to have his picture taken with those who wear them. Last year, during an appearance for his 75th birthday at the University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus, Masekela spoke out against hair weaves.

“It’s not that I dislike weaves, it’s just that I come from an era where people who introduced themselves looked like themselves,” Masekela said.

Even during his press conference at Rhodes University, Masekela re-emphasized his stance.

“We spend about a billion rand on other people’s hair each year. I don’t even know where to begin on this issue,” said Masekela.

Personally, I don’t condemn the choices people make when it comes to their hair or what they choose to spend their money on, but if weave-wearing women are buying tickets to events, I doubt he has an issue with that. If he chooses not to take photos with them, that’s on him, but rudeness is a whole different story.

Source: The Root

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